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GALACTIC CREDITS is our rewards program.

We want to thank you for your loyalty to DIE HARD COLLECTORS, so our Rewards Program is our way for us to give back to you, our loyal customers.

GALACTIC CREDITS are earned on product purchases, as well as in the following methods:

  • Earn 3 GALACTIC CREDITS for every Australian Dollar spent on products, purchased via our website (excluding shipping).

  • Earn 300 GALACTIC CREDITS for liking us on FACEBOOK. 

  • Earn 500 GALACTIC CREDITS each year on your BIRTHDAY, on the ANNIVERSARY of you joining the program! 


To track your GALACTIC CREDITS, visit the “REWARDS” tab on the bottom left-hand side of the website and click on “REWARDS”.

Too redeem your GALACTIC CREDITS, simply click on the 'Ways to Redeem' button on the REWARDS Pop-Up. Once you select your reward you will be emailed a discount code to use on your next order. You can also redeem them live in the checkout. Please note, that once you've selected your reward, we cannot reverse this, so please choose carefully.


GALACTIC CREDITS earned for product purchases are awarded to you once your order is shipped from our warehouse.


DIE HARD COLLECTORS GALACTIC CREDITS REWARDS are calculated automatically through the website based on rules relating to your purchases.

DIE HARD COLLECTORS reserves the right to adjust the REWARDS awarded to a customer. We will need to do this from time to time if the website miscalculates the GALACTIC CREDITS which should have been awarded to a customer purchase. If in this circumstance DIE HARD COLLECTORS adjusts your GALACTIC CREDITS, you will be notified in writing of such an event.

Further, DIE HARD COLLECTORS reserves the right to cancel GALACTIC CREDITS or cancel a redemption should these REWARDS be awarded incorrectly. Again, you will be notified in writing should this event arise.

GALACTIC CREDITS are not redeemable during sales. Only one REWARD redemption voucher can be used per order.

You can redeem your REWARDS in the View Cart page before Checking Out, or via the REWARDS Pop-Up! Lastly, DIE HARD COLLECTORS reserves the right to change our GALACTIC CREDITS reward program at any time without notice.


Q - How can I redeem GALACTIC CREDITS?

A - Redeeming GALACTIC CREDITS Rewards is super simple. After you register as a customer, every product you buy while logged into your account earns GALACTIC CREDITS to spend on anything on our website. You can redeem GALACTIC CREDITS at the checkout or via the DIE HARD COLLECTORS REWARDS Pop-Up on the bottom left of your screen. 

Please note that if you choose to redeem GALACTIC CREDITS at the checkout, but do not complete your purchase, your discount code will be emailed to you. Unfortunately, we can't reinstate any GALACTIC CREDITS once you've chosen to redeem them, so please choose carefully, especially when redeeming them at the checkout.

Q - Do GALACTIC CREDITS ever expire?

A - No! Once you earn them, they're yours forever.

Q - How do I know how many GALACTIC CREDITS I have?

A - Just log in to your account on the left-hand side POP UP. You can then view all your GALACTIC CREDITS.


Q - Are GALACTIC CREDITS transferable between orders?

A - Once you place an order and decide to redeem your GALACTIC CREDITS as a discount against that order, then subsequently decide to cancel that order, the REWARDS redemption is final and lost on that cancelled order. Once your GALACTIC CREDITS are spent on a particular product, they are gone!

Q - Can I transfer GALACTIC CREDITS between accounts?

A - No, all GALACTIC CREDITS attached to an account cannot be altered or transferred. 

Q - My GALACTIC CREDITS do not seem to be correct, What do I do?

A - Please contact us with your account details (email address) and/or an order number so we can check on, and correct your REWARDS status.

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