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For Collectors of all ages.

Welcome to DIE HARD COLLECTORS, we buy and sell the toys we loved playing with growing up (and still do). We have sourced a diverse range of quality science fiction and genre collectables, including action figures and vehicles, trading cards, diecast, limited edition figurines, books, comics, and those sometimes hard-to-find collectables.

We are dedicated to providing a one-stop shopping experience for collectors from around the world. We pride ourselves in delivering a professional service, with quality items and we strive to provide you with not only competitive prices, but  a wide range of items, discounted shipping and of course satisfaction for you as a collector!

You can follow us on Facebook to stay up to date with all the latest in rare collectables, and to participate in regular giveaways. For enquiries regarding payments, shipping, our packing procedures or just anything you need to know, please contact direct at


We are all kids at heart…and deep down we are all DIE HARD COLLECTORS.

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